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Our Needs

  • Musical instruments - Rs.1,50,000/-
  • Musical instruments - Rs.3,00,000/-
  • Registered office - Rs.3,10,100/- per annum
  • Home for children - Rs.11,74,600/- per annum
  • Home for aged - Rs. 11,74,600/- per annum
  • Free tuition center - Rs.3,77,000/- per annum
  • Free medical camps for poor people = Rs.1,74,000/- per annum
  • Free Tailoring Classes - Rs.2,32,000/- per annum
  • Free music classes for poor - Rs.5,67,000/- per annum
  • Awareness Camps ( AIDS & HUMAN ) - Rs.32,500/- per annum
  • Vocational Training Centres - Rs.4,76,000/- per annum
  • to construct 5 village branch churches - Rs.93,75,000/- per annum

Our Bank Details

Those who wish to pay to ministry can send them to this bank account FCRA, 12AA income tax

VerkkoNet (Christian Apps)

Account Name : VerkkoNet

Bank Name : Indian Bank

Account Number : 898360062

IFSC : IDIB000K083

Branch : Kilkodungalore

Church Ministry

Account : Apostolic Pentecostal Assembly

Account Number : 988264197

Bank Name : Indian Bank

IFSC : IDIB000K083

Branch : Kilkodungalore

FCRA Account

Account Name : Apostolic Pentecostal Assembly Trust

Account Number : 40457836876 (FCRA CURRENT A/C)

Bank Name : State Bank of Indiak

Branch Code : 00691

IFSC : SBIN0000691


Branch : New Delhi

Our Activities

  • Village Ministry - To proclaim the love of Jesus Christ through Public meetings, healing Ministries and by such other expressions of love and concern to the poor and needy, regardless of caste, creed, colour or community.
  • Sponsor a child - Sponsor a child and transform lives of the children. You can do this by contributing Rs 12,000 yearly for a child.
  • End child labour - To prevent, protect and rehabilitate children below the age of 14 year from chid labour
  • Training Programs - To organise and set up institutes like Discipleship centres, prayer groups, bible schools, and leadership training programmes to promote the objects of the trust.
  • Media Ministry - To conduct Radio programmes and Television programmes and arrange for recording of messages, religious songs and to make them available for the public without profit and it make available Audio & Video Cassettes, Cds, etc.,
  • Social Ministry - To conduct poor feeding and to five food, clothing cash grants to the poor and to afford relief to people in distress and affected by earthquake, flood, famine, pestilence and other causes and to grant donations for the support of the inmates of the orphanages, Rescue houses and similar institutions and societies.
  • Medical Assistance - To provide cash and other forms of relieve to the orphans without adequate means of sustenance, the unemployed without adequate means of sustenance, the poor for education of their children their medical needs etc., and on the occasion of deaths, etc., in their families and those who have suffered in accidents.

Our Contact Details

Apostolic Pentecostal Assembly Trust, No.150, APA Prayer House, Zion Nagar, Kilkodungalore, Vandavasi TK, Tiruvanamalai DT, Pin: 604403

Phone: (+91) 4183-290055, Mobile: (+91) 9940-440-443

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